Fisheries Policy

We believe in community-focused and stewardship-driven solutions that will shape the future of fisheries in Maine and beyond.

MCFA works with policymakers at the local, state, regional, and federal levels, including those at the Maine Department of Marine Resources, New England Fisheries Management Council, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and of course our elected state and federal representatives. MCFA recognizes that fishermen are the experts, and our goal is to make sure their voices are heard. With fishermen taking the lead, we advocate for policies that work for Maine.


This is the work we were founded to do! 



Cod, haddock, pollock, flounders... MCFA is giving a  voice to Maine's community-based  groundfish fleet. 


The Gulf of Maine scallop fishery is making a comeback. MCFA is working to develop a sustainable fishery for Maine.

Forage Fish

Forage fish species are the cornerstone of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem. Healthy fish stocks require abundant and healthy forage.

Northern Shrimp

Once a vibrant winter fishery, the Northern Maine shrimp stock collapsed in 2012. How do we rebuild this iconic fishery?

Clammers and Diggers

Not all seafood is caught from a boat. Working with those who have their feet deep in the mud.

Fleet Diversity

There are lots of ways to catch a fish. We're working to ensure there is a place in the fishery for everyone. 


Working to ensure that key habitats are protected, and identifying areas that are essential fishing grounds for the inshore fleet

Fishing Community Coalition 

A united voice for small-boat, community-focused,

commercial fishermen from around the country who strive to bring their stewardship vision to bear on national issues. 

Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

An industry-based nonprofit that identifies and fosters ways to restore the fisheries of the Gulf of Maine and sustain Maine's fishing communities for future generations. 

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