Covid-19 Pandemic Resources

Covid-19 has reached the coast of Maine.

MCFA has curated a list of resources to keep fishermen healthy and financially secure.

We will be updating this information regularly.

Some fishermen and fishing businesses are able to cope or adapt for the short-term, others need immediate assistance, none are prepared for what might be a long-term decline in seafood value.


Stay Healthy


Reported illnesses have ranged from mild symptoms to severe illness.

These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure 



Shortness of breath

Covid-19 in Maine

Maine Public has a great overview of everything you need to know about the virus in Maine. Information and resources on the virus along with links to additional resources and news. 

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Covid-19 Screening Tool

From Apple (Yes, that Apple)


This tool can help you understand what to do next about Covid-19.

Let’s all look out for each other by knowing our status, trying not to infect others, and reserving care for those in need.

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Maintaining  Health Insurance

You may be eligible for free or low-cost insurance through MaineCare or the Marketplace. You may also be eligible for other programs that can help with the costs of Covid-19 testing and other medical care you may need.


Stop the Spread

1. Social distancing: We’re Mainers, we don’t like to be close to anyone anyway.

2. Wash your hands

3. Don't touch your face


Get all the facts on how to stop the spread.

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Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other mental health concerns are on the rise.

Here are some resources to help you stay mentally strong.

Financial Resources

Once Congress passes an economic relief package we will update resources and opportunities for fishermen. 

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The details on how the $300 billion set aside for fishery disaster relief will be spent are still unknown. 

There is more clarity on the $350 billion for small business which some seafood businesses may qualify. Kelley Drye, a law firm in DC has in-depth analysis on that section of the bill. 



USDA Rural Development has taken a number of immediate actions to help rural residents, businesses and communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.


SBA Disaster Assistance 

Small business owners in all U.S. states and territories are currently eligible to apply for a low-interest loan due to Covid-19.



Changes made to unemployment through the stimulus package will allow far more people to potentially be eligible for benefits. Those who previously did not qualify for unemployment may now be able to access these benefits. This includes fishermen and crew.



Finance Authority of Maine Business' Direct Loan Program provides FAME Direct Loans of up to $50,000 with special terms. 

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Vehicle Loan Resources

If you are struggling to pay your truck or car loan many dealers and car companies are putting programs in place to help. 

Selling Seafood

For fishermen interested in selling their own product, here are some links to rules, licenses, and other important information. Selling seafood can be complicated, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

For consumers looking to buy fresh Maine seafood, here is a list of sale locations.

Thank you for supporting Maine fishermen.


Federal Dealer Permit

Dealers need permits for each managed species that they purchase from a vessel that has a Greater Atlantic Region vessel permit or if you purchase any  fish or shellfish harvested from federal waters. 


Maine Retail Seafood License Rules

To make sure you have the appropriate licences when selling to or buying for the seafood wholesale or retail markets, use this link to Maine's applicable laws.


Maine DMR

This link takes you to Maine's DMR Dealer License Application Forms. Call the DMR licensing division at (207) 624-6550 for questions or clarification.


A Guide to Selling Oysters

This guide provides the rules and regulations governing the sale of in-state Maine farmed oysters.  



Created by Sea Grant, DMR, and UMaine.


Marine Patrol

Selling seafood can be complicated. Don't run afoul of the rules by accident, reach out to Marine Patrol to clarify any questions before you act. 



Maine fishermen's guide to direct sales

This guide for fishermen documents the key licenses required in a variety of direct sales scenarios.

Mental Health

COVID-19 is creating stress, fear, and uncertainty in all our lives. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other mental health concerns are on the rise. Just as we want you to stay healthy physically, we need you to stay healthy mentally.

Contact your PCP and ask for recommendations for health professionals near you. 


Heather Butler

Health Affiliates Maine

Restorative Health 

Maine telemedicine services 

Psychology Specialists of Maine

Health Psych Maine 

Maine Crisis Hotline: 1 (888) 568-1112
Maine’s warm-line for non-crisis calls: 1 (866) 771-9276
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

MAINE Unemployment


Who would be covered by the expanded program?

The changes form the stimulus package will allow for far more unemployed workers to be eligible for unemployment benefits. This includes self-employed people and part-time workers. Those who are unemployed or who cannot work for a wide variety of coronavirus-related reasons are likely to receive benefits.

Are independent contractors covered in the bill?

Self-employed people will be eligible for unemployment benefits.

What if I’ve been advised by a health care provider to quarantine myself?

Those who must self-quarantine will be covered. The legislation also says that individuals who are unable to get to work because of a quarantine imposed as a result of the outbreak will also be eligible.


For more information go to

Automobile Loan Programs 

Ford Motor Credit/Ford Disaster Relief 1.800.723.4016

Chrysler Capital 1.855.563.5635

Chevy Cares 1.800.222.1020

GM Financial (waiving late fees through April 30) 1.800.284.2271

Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

An industry-based nonprofit that identifies and fosters ways to restore the fisheries of the Gulf of Maine and sustain Maine's fishing communities for future generations. 

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