Candidates for Maine governor talk seafood industry.


More than 150 members of Maine's dedicated seafood industry and community members descended on the coastal town of Rockland for the 2018 Seafood Industry Gubernatorial Forum.

Those vying for Maine's next governor got the chance to explain their views on the future of the seafood industry under their administration. Questions, posed by industry association and audience participation, covered critical issues as such as waterfront preservation, ocean energy development, climate change, government appointments, workforce, and health care costs.



Thank you to all of the candidates Alan CaronJanet MillsShawn Moody, and Terry Hayes for participating in the forum.


There are a lot of issues that the next governor is going to have to deal with that will impact Maine's fishing industry. We only scratched the surface and we are excited to continue the discussion with whoever is selected to ensure we have a healthy Gulf of Maine and vibrant fishing communities for this and future generations. 


We are less than a month away from the November 6th election. This particular election is critical to the seafood industry as the next governor will set the stage for at least the next four years on issues such as: 

  • Selection and appointment of many important roles such as Commissioner of the Maine Department of Marine Resources, and seats at the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and New England Fishery Management Council.

  • Dedicating resources of the Attorney General's office to fight for the industry.

  • Helping to solve the future bait shortage for Maine's iconic lobster fishery.

  • Work on issues such as labor shortages/workforce challenges, federal government trade issues, and threats posed by environmental changes, and so much more. 


Don't forget to vote on November 6th.



Energy policy question draws contrast in gubernatorial forum

Pundits have characterized Maine’s four-way gubernatorial campaign as low-key, and the nature of an Oct. 4 candidate forum in Rockland bore out that observation. Independents Alan Caron and Terry Hayes were joined by Democrat Janet Mills and Republican Shawn Moody on the stage of The Strand theater, fielding questions about offshore wind turbines, access to working waterfront, the commissioner of Marine Resources, and right whales.

Candidates weigh in on fishing industry issues

On October 4, the Maine Seafood Industry Gubernatorial Forum took place at the Strand Theater in Rockland. The two-hour public event was hosted by the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, the Maine Lobster Dealers Association, the Alewife Harvesters of Maine and the Maine Aquaculture Association. The moderator was seafood journalist James Wright from the Global Aquaculture Association.


The evening kicked off with short statements by each gubernatorial candidate – Alan Caron, Independent, Terry Hayes, Independent, Janet Mills, Democrat, and Sean Moody, Republican. Then the candidates fielded a variety of questions submitted by the host organizations and the public in attendance.

Maine’s Gubernatorial Candidates descended on Rockland for Seafood Industry Forum

More than 150 members of Maine’s dedicated seafood industry and community members congregated at the Strand Theatre in Rockland, Oct. 4, to listen to each candidate for Maine’s governor explain their views on the future of the industry under their administration. Questions, posed by industry associations and audience participation, covered critical issues the workers of the coast are facing such as waterfront preservation, ocean energy development, herring reductions, government appointments, and workforce issues.

“There is going to be a short-term pain for the long-term gain,” Moody told about 100 attendees at the Seafood Industrial Gubernatorial Forum, in Rockland, Maine, and more viewers online

“I’ve talked to fishermen about this. They understand. They don’t like it”, he said. “But the reality is we have to fix our trade agreements. They’re not good for America. They’re not good for our long-term sustainability, wage growth. I support the president’s tariffs in a sense where we need to get them resolved quickly. We’re going to have to look for other markets, and I know they are, and we have to get through this short-term pain.”

Climate change, health insurance, and marketing were among the topics the four candidates for governor were questioned about during a Thursday evening forum focused on the seafood industry.

The discussion comes at a time when the state’s seafood industry is facing pressure from both political and environmental issues. An ongoing trade war initiated by U.S. President Donald Trump has had some in the lobster industry scrambling to find new customers. The industry’s difficulties have been further amplified by potential changes to the quota for herring, which could drastically cut the available supply of lobstermen’s bait. 

“This is a way for guys in every fishery and fishing business to hear from all the candidates on the issues that matter to us. Together, we make a big economic impact in Maine and these candidates need to hear what our concerns are and how their decisions impact our lives,” said Cutler fisherman Kristan Porter.

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