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The Fishermen's Shop

MCFA’s Fishermen Feeding Mainers Program has been vital in providing meals to Maine's food insecure throughout the pandemic, with plans to continue into the future. The program has also been instrumental in helping out Maine's fishermen, who were greatly affected with the restaurants closed and their catch sales dropped. Out of this problem, a value added product was born: locally made MAINE COAST MONKFISH STEW!  Monkfish is a sustainable, bottom-dwelling species that has been underutilized in the United States but makes a delicious centerpiece for this hearty stew, full of Maine-grown vegetables and with a touch of spice.

Although many don't consider monkfish to be an "attractive" fish, we think they're kinda cute!

Give and wear your support today!

Custom MCFA Monkfish Charm Necklace

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