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What We Do

Building sustainable fisheries, preserving access, and fueling fisheries innovation



MCFA is an industry-led non-profit that works on behalf of the community-based fishermen of Maine.


Our goal is to ensure that Maine's fishing communities can thrive today, tomorrow, and forever.

We do this by advocating for policies and regulations that create healthy and sustainable fisheries, securing access to those fisheries by protecting working waterfront, permit banking, and through policy initiatives, and promote fishing and business innovation through research and community development.   




Sustainable Fisheries

Shaping the future of Gulf of Maine fisheries through advocacy, fisheries policy, research, and leadership.

Preserving Access

Sustaining cherished cultural traditions and a way of life through working waterfront preservation, permit banking,
and advocacy.

Fisheries Innovation

Helping fishermen grow and diversify their businesses by finding solutions that work for Maine's communities and marine resources

The fishermen who formed MCFA brought together their voices under the common goal of protecting and restoring Maine's fishing heritage through the understanding that healthy fisheries build strong businesses that sustain vibrant communities. 


Learn more about our specific programs by following the links below.



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