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Maine's Working Waterfront
Working waterfront has always been a limited resource on the coast of Maine. With intensified  gentrification,  shifting marine resources, climate change, and amplified pressure on the fishermen and fishing businesses, the future of seafood-based working waterfront is more in jeopardy than ever.

MCFA is working with fishermen, partners, and communities to build and deploy tools to better protect and invest in the crucial infrastructure Maine need for fishing communities to thrive.

is crucial for the blue economy.

We're focused on working waterfronts tied to seafood, fisheries, and community access.

Those most at risk of being lost in a place like Maine.

Projects & Publications

Support Working Waterfronts

proactive, positive, and solution-based suggestions for a more vibrant and inclusive working waterfront in Maine

Celebrate the Uniqueness of Coastal Communites

Measure, evaluate, document, repeat

  • Keep up with changes on the waterfront with MCFA's Inventory Template

  • Document evidence of changing oceans

Protect Vulnerable Infrastructure

  • Explore funding opportunities to protect at-risk properties

  • Think beyond the pier

  • Refine the criteria, and prioritize intervention

Engage with the Community

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