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Fisheries Policy

We believe in community-focused and stewardship-driven solutions that

will shape the future of fisheries in Maine and beyond.

MCFA works with policymakers at the local, state, regional, and federal levels, including those at the Maine Department of Marine Resources, New England Fisheries Management Council, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and  elected state and federal representatives. 


MCFA recognizes that fishermen are the experts, and our goal is to make sure their voices are heard. With fishermen taking the lead, we advocate for policies that work for Maine, the Gulf of Maine, and the next generation of fishermen.


Policy Priorities
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Cod, haddock, pollock, hake, and flounders. Working to rebuild one of Maine's iconic fisheries.


National Initiatives 

Our work doesn't stop in Maine. These are the issues we're focusing on at the national level.



Josh Scallop_edited.jpg


Scallops in the Gulf of Maine are making a comeback. MCFA is working to build a sustainable fishery for Maine. 

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Working Waterfront

Our gateway to the Gulf of Maine, working waterfront is disappearing and MCFA is fighting to protect and preserve this community resource. 



The foundation for a strong ecosystem, and affordable bait, is abundant and diverse forage. Small fish are a big deal for Maine fishermen. 


Maine Coast Community Sector

Leases, allocation, and member information

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