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working to build a sustainable and vibrant fishing future

We strive to ensure that fishermen have the community infrastructure and environmental resources to maintain Maine's coastal cultural identity and sustain vibrant working waterfronts for this and future generations of Maine fishermen.


Board of Directors

Community leaders from all walks of life coming together to help plot the course for Maine's sustainable fishing future. 


Our Work

Building solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow through advocacy, education, research, and collaboration 



With diverse backgrounds and experiences, MCFA's staff work to implement the vision of the organization and support Maine's fishermen throughout the coast.

Our Vision for the Future
Eat local seafood. Support Maine's commercial harvesters.

Eat local seafood. Support Maine's commercial harvesters.

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Fishermen from the community of Port Clyde founded the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association in 2006 as the Midcoast Fishermen’s Association with the goal of improving fisheries management to better serve midcoast Maine’s inshore fishermen. MCFA’s founding members, fishermen who spent their lives on the water, viewed creating an organization as a way to amplify their voice in the world of fisheries policy, and more importantly, as a way to protect their communities and way of life.

The ideals that the Association were founded on held true for many communities throughout the state and thus became the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association and expanded well beyond Port Clyde. Like-minded fishermen and community members from throughout Maine's came together to build an organization to create a better future for our marine resources and the communities that rely on them.

Today the MCFA is made up of fishermen from the edge of New Hampshire to the Canadian border and works with fishermen in the groundfish, shrimp, lobster, bluefin tuna, herring, whiting, menhaden, monkfish and scallop fisheries.

The founding fishermen

Photo by Peter Ralston

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