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Meet the Employees of MCFA

Every vessel needs a crew.

Working for Maine's fishing future. 

Meet The Crew


Ben Martens

Executive Director


Ben works with Maine's community-based fishermen to develop projects, policies, and ideas to strengthen Maine's fisheries for today, tomorrow, and forever.

Mary Hudson

Mary Hudson

Director of Fisheries Programs​
Maine Coast Community Sector Manager

Mary works with members of the Maine Coast Community Sector on issues related to their groundfish fishing businesses. Mary is also lead on MCFA's camera monitoring projects in groundfish and scallops fisheries, and runs MCFA's Fishermen Feeding Mainers program.


Emily Coffin

Seafood and Fisheries
Policy Coordinator

Emily covers developing policies in both the fisheries and the food world. She works to adovacte for fishermen when rules and regulations undergo development and reassessment.


Nina Murray

Operations Administrator

Nina provides administrative support for MCFA's programs and general operations - working with our donor database, running the Fishermen's Shop and wholesale merch outreach, developing graphics and content to tell MCFA's story, plugging away on data entry, and any other supportive admin tasks that might crop up.

monique Coombs

Monique Coombs

Director of Community Programs

Monique oversees MCFA's marine programs and fishing community engagement. Currently, she is working closely with commercial fishermen to develop ways to protect, persevere, and revitalize Maine's working waterfronts.


Susan Olcott

Director of Operations

Susan helps MCFA to promote sustainable fisheries in Maine by building on existing partnerships and expanding the reach and capacity of the organization to positively impact coastal communities and the fishing heritage that makes them unique. With a background in marine science as well as experience as a freelance writer, she helps bring together the many aspects of MCFA's work to further its mission.


Jill Harlow

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Jill accelerates planning and resource development to scale MFCA’s existing programs to achieve greater community impact and works with the team and partners to launch new initiatives and special projects. She builds systems to help the team remain nimble and responsive as MCFA grows.

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