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10 Ways to Support Fishermen That Aren't Just About Eating Seafood

Fishermen work in a highly regulated industry. The regulations and rules they must abide by are not always the result of something that they had any say or part of. So, while they adapt their business in order to continue to provide us with healthy, delicious, and good seafood in a way that is deemed sustainable, we can support them by doing our part by lessening our impact on the ocean and all its marine life.

1. Say goodbye to single-use plastic, most of the time. A lot of the issue with single-use plastic is from people demanding convenience and ease 100% of the time. We don’t have to go from 100-to-zero, but we must use less as a first step towards breaking the habit.

2. Reduce how much red meat you consume.

3. Spend more time outside. It’s easier to love and care for the environment when it is an integral part of your life.

4. Get off your damn phone. And your TV while you’re at it. See above and also, it’s good to unplug things when you are not using them.

5. Donate (don't throw away) & buy secondhand. Fast fashion is a terrible thing. You can read more HERE. You can also wash your clothes in cold water and do your laundry at night to reduce effort (and your bill) during peak hours.

6. Read more & dig deeper. Take the time to learn about things that are going to impact the environment and the people that depend on the environment for their livelihood and well-being. We live in a time in which we are all constantly being marketed at and told to pick a side. Language about the environment and sustainability, and policy intended to protect the environment are not always what we think they are. So, ask questions.

7. Go out less. Make dinner at home more. Making your own food for all your meals is better for the environment and your health (and your wallet).

8. No pesticides. Period. Ever. No matter where you live. Everything ends up in the ocean whether you live near the coast or not. And, think about microdermabrasion beads and other products you use and ask yourself, would you want to ingest it?

9. Don’t wait. Start now. This point from Greta Thunberg did not get enough airtime despite how poignant it was: We do not need policy or protests to be better stewards of the environment. You’re an adult, just do the right thing and start now.

10. Donate to a fishing industry association or organization. Preferably Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, of course. Donating to an organization or association that works directly with fishermen is a great way to support them because it takes all of us working together to ensure a thriving future for fishermen, their industry, and the environment. Together, we persevere.



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