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Controversy on Cashes Ledge: Episode 2 of Maine Coast Dock Talk

The second episode of our podcast, Maine Coast Dock Talk, tackled an issue that has been the topic of much discussion in recent months: the potential creation of a Marine National Monument on Cashes Ledge, an undersea region in the Gulf of Maine. A collection of other seafloor features on and near Georges Bank, called the Northeast Seamounts and Canyons, has also been recently considered for National Monument designation by the federal government.

Cashes Ledge and the Northeast Seamounts and Canyons

This map shows the location of Cashes Ledge on a topographical map of the lower Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank. The red lines show the extent of the proposed Marine National Monument on Cashes Ledge, as well as the proposed Northeast Seamounts and Canyons monument further south on Georges Bank.

On this episode of the podcast, we got to hear from Michael Conathan, the Director of Ocean Policy with the Center for American Progress. Click here to listen to Ben's interview with Michael as well as a roundup of the latest news from the fisheries world.

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