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10 Fishy Things To Do In Maine This Summer

Looking for ways to get a little more fishy fun in your life this summer? We've got you covered!

1. Buy tickets to Hook, Line, and Dinner, or donate to MCFA (or both).

2. Take a ride on the River Tripper and check out some oyster farms along the Damariscotta River.

3. Explore the lobster exhibit at Maine Maritime Museum in Bath.

4. Buy fish and lobsters from a local market, and learn to prepare fish at home. Check out Barton Seaver's latest cookbook, Two if by Sea, to get started.

5. Cheer on the lobster boat races happening in 12 towns along the coast this summer!

6. Check out Experience Maritime Maine and attend one of the cool events happening along the coast. There’s lobster festivals, oyster festivals and even a clam festival.

7. Grab a bite to eat (and a cold one) at the newly renovated Cook's Lobster and Ale House. If you go during the last week of July, say hello to the folks working the Casco Bay Tuna Club's annual Bailey Island Fishing Tournament, the longest running tournament on the East Coast.

8. Learn about all of the great seafood that Maine has to offer and try a type of fish you've never had before, like American Plaice!

MCFA fisherman Randy Cushman and his catch of American Plaice, also called dabs.

9. Check out a River Herring Run and help count the herring.

10. Sign up for MCFA's newsletter so you can continue to learn about Maine's amazing fishing industry all year long.

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