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Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association Participates in 16th Annual Maine Nonprofit Day

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association Participates in 16th Annual Maine Nonprofit Day

Nonprofits, commercial fishermen, and sustainable resource management are essential components of Maine’s success.

Brunswick, ME – Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association (MCFA) joins the Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) at the 16th annual Maine Nonprofit Day on January 17th at the Maine State House in Augusta. Nonprofit Day provides an opportunity for nonprofits and government to proclaim their commitment to working together in order to creatively, efficiently and effectively serve the people of Maine.

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association is an industry-based nonprofit that identifies and fosters ways to restore the fisheries of the Gulf of Maine and sustain Maine's fishing communities for future generations. MCFA was founded by commercial fishermen in 2006 as a way to amplify their voice in the world of fisheries policy, and more importantly, as a way to protect their communities and an iconic way of life.

“We are thrilled to be participating in Maine’s Nonprofit Day,” said Caila Gorniewicz, MCFA’s development manager. “Nonprofits take all shapes and sizes, but in Maine where marine resources and fisheries are such an important part of our economy, culture, heritage, and future it’s great to have the opportunity to show elected officials and others in Augusta the important work of the Fishermen’s Association.”

Nonprofit Day at the State House seeks to educate lawmakers on the critical role nonprofits play in Maine’s economy and celebrate the importance of the work of its exhibitors, like the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association.

“As a small nonprofit, this is a unique chance to talk about our platform and work in a different forum: the struggle of Maine’s working waterfront, the issues fishermen face on the wharf and on the water, and the solutions that we are helping create together.” said Ben Martens, executive director of the Fishermen’s Association. “Those are stories we don’t talk about enough as we strive to build not just sustainable fisheries, but sustainable and vibrant coastal communities. We are excited to be joining other fabulous exhibitors in Augusta to highlight our role as nonprofits in maintaining and improving the quality of life of our state.”

“Maine’s nonprofits are complex and strategic organizations. They create jobs, develop community leaders, and invest significant financial and human resources across the State,” said Jennifer Hutchins, Executive Director of MANP. “We are thrilled to highlight this diverse sector at the State House.”

The Maine nonprofit sector is a major economic engine, employing one out of every six Mainers. Maine’s nonprofit sector paid over $4.7 billion in wages in 2017, or 17.9% of the state’s total payroll. These wages translated in an estimated $271 million of personal income tax revenue for Maine’s state and local governments.

Nonprofits, as well as the fishing industry, are integral to every facet of economic and social well-being in our state. That is why a robust economy is dependent on a strong nonprofit sector and a vibrant fishing future in the state of Maine. MCFA strives to ensure that the next generation of fishermen have the community infrastructure and environmental resources to maintain Maine's coastal cultural identity and sustain vibrant working waterfronts.

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association is pleased to have been selected to participate in the annual event sponsored and hosted by the Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP). Other exhibiting nonprofit organizations include:

The Transformation Project

The 16th Annual Nonprofit Day takes place on January 17th, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm, in the Hall of Flags at the State House in Augusta. For more information on this event, please call the Maine Association of Nonprofits at 871-1885 or visit For more information on Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association please call Caila Gorniewicz at 207-518-8275 or visit

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