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Maine Coast Dock Talk: Terry Alexander on Right Whales

you can listen to the podcast on our website


The Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team Meeting is meeting April 23-26, 2019 at the Providence Marriot, in Providence, Rhode Island.

The goal of the meeting is to: Identify and recommend modifications to the ALWTRP to further reduce impacts of U.S. fixed gear fisheries on large whales and reduce mortality and serious injury to below PBR for right whales

With the objective to: Develop consensus recommendations on a suite of measures that will achieve a 60 to 80% reduction in mortalities and serious injuries of right whales in U.S. fisheries to support NMFS rulemaking that will be initiated in May 2019

the meeting materials can be found on the NOAA website:


Additional Resources & Information

Maine Lobstermen's Association has a lot of great information on the whale issue.

Rep. Jared Golden of Maine releases statement on Right Whales

CLF's history of the right whale:

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