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Fishery Friendly Climate Action with Sarah Schumann

In our latest episode of Maine Coast Dock Talk, Ben chats with Sarah Schumann of Shining Seas Consulting. Sarah has not only worked in the Rhode Island and Alaska seafood industries, but she is also an advocate for sustainable fisheries. She founded Eating with the Ecosystem in 2011 and holds a BS in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island and a MSc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford.

Sarah’s latest project is her work with Southern New England Fishermen on Fishery Friendly Climate Action. The focus is on climate action strategies that restore the health of marine ecosystems while at the same time safeguarding the livelihoods of small scale marine food producers.

Our leaders must get serious about pursuing solutions that work for both the climate and aquatic ecosystems — not one at the expense of the other. Addressing climate change is indeed urgent, but this urgency is no excuse for allowing reckless mining in Bristol Bay or potentially reckless energy development in New England waters.

Ben and Sarah discuss helping fishermen become advocates for change and drivers of solutions to climate change.



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