Maine Coast Oral History Initiative

We put a microphone in front of Maine fishermen and let them talk. We can't guarantee that the size of the fish hasn't gotten bigger, but they had some great stories to share. 

Through the support of the Maine Humanities Council and the Island Institute, MCFA was able to collect hours of oral histories from fishermen throughout Maine. We took some stories and snippets from those interviews and turn them into short YouTube videos for your enjoyment. Take a little time to listen to the amazing experiences and perspectives that Maine's Fishermen share from their lives out on the water. 

Randy Cushman

"I cannot blame that generation, my father, my grandfather, they thought there was an endless supply and they went out and did what they were taught to do"

Kelo Pinkham

Kelo shares his thoughts on the groundfish, shrimp, and lobster industries out of Boothbay, ME.

Gladden Schrock

Gladden reflects back on his years working in the herring fishery (some explicit language).

Bryan Bichrest

Bryan started fishing with his dad when he was five years old out of Harpswell, ME. Listen to some of his thoughts about how the industry has changed

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Eva Cushman

The wife, mother, and grandmother of fishermen out of Port Clyde shares the stories of her fishing family.

Gerry Cushman

"The lifeline to these small fishing communities is the ocean, and when the ocean is depleted there will be no more small fishing communities" Amazing thoughts from our president and fisherman out of Port Clyde.

Gary Libby

Gary reflects on how dramatically things have changed for those who want to make a living out on the water.

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