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MCFA Heads to Boston for Seafood Expo North America 2016!

On Monday, March 7th the MCFA team made the trip to Boston for this year’s Seafood Expo North America (formerly the Boston Seafood Show). As one of the three international Seafood Expos taking place this year, the event drew seafood sellers, buyers, and marketers from all over the world. In one afternoon, Monique, Kendra Jo, and Emily sampled seafood from everywhere from Mississippi to Morocco—and, of course, made time to check out the booths from Maine!

The team ate pretty adventurously at the Expo: we tried octopus stew, salmon jerky, and even some fried alligator. But not to neglect our home state, we also spent time talking to the folks over at Bristol Seafood from Portland, and we also chatted with Luke’s Lobster from Saco over some of their seriously delicious seafood spreads.

Seafood is truly a global business, and it was fascinating to see the status of the industry beyond Maine. Even though the everyday focus of our work rarely extends beyond the United States, it’s always useful to see the bigger picture—and eat some tasty seafood along the way.

Emily, Kendra Jo and Monique with Cap’n Catfish.

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