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Fishermen Wellness: Bending & Mending

Whether you are building a trap, mending a net, or heaving an oyster cage, you may find yourself hunched over or in an awkward position in order to complete a task. It’s important to be mindful of how you are working, but it’s also good to consider taking time to stretch and readjust to protect your body.

What is a recovery workout?

Recovering happens when you perform a low-intensity workout, stretch, or routine that allows your body to adapt to stress, replenishes muscles glycogen, and allows time for body tissue to repair. Whether you have performed a strenuous workout or spent a day lugging traps or heaving nets, it's important to take some time and give your body the space to recover, and low-intensity workouts (like walking) and movement (like yoga, meditation, and stretching) are better for your body than inactivity. The stretches and movements that are being shared as part of our series with FishAbility and Oryx Worx are great options to help your body recover.

This month's post from FishAbility is about bending & mending.

If you're bending over to reach inside a trap, either because you're building it or pulling lobsters out of it, this can take a toll on your back even if it doesn't feel like you're working that hard.

Repairing traps and preparing equipment for the upcoming season is what you are likely doing these days. These activities involve a lot of bending and twisting after a long winter.

Try the Half Down Dog(fish). Place hands on a prop or wall at waist height. Inhale, step both feet back. Exhale, bend from the hip, pushing away from the wall to lengthen the spine. Arms are extended in front of you at shoulder height. With head between arms, look downward. Keep knees slightly bent. Hold for 2-3 breaths.


Further Reading from WHOOP

More about sleep (also important for recovering)!


Together, we persevere. (& get stronger!)

The Maine Coast Fishermen's Association, FishAbility, and OryxWorx have partnered together to help share monthly stretches, yoga poses, and information about better physical health for fishermen.



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