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Fishermen Wellness: Quad Rock 50

Chris Scott is a deckhand and fitness enthusiast who is raising money for MCFA via his participation in the Quad Rock 50-Mile Ultra Marathon. The Quad Rock 50 takes place on the hills and trails west of Fort Collins in two of Colorado’s state parks. It is a first-class trail racing experience on a challenging, scenic, and impeccably marked course, and it takes place on May 7.

Photo courtesy of Chris Scott

MCFA has a lot of great programs helping Maine Commercial Fishermen/Women and their families, restoring and sustaining our waterfronts, fighting against the unfair accusations and regulations that are threatening the commercial fishing industry and they also have a program that helps connect fishermen and family members with counselors that understand their way of life and work to give them mental, emotional and physical education and support.

Running 50 Miles is no easy task.

Throw in over 10,000ft of elevation gain, and you've got a monster to tackle.

In this way, I find it synonymous with the arduous labor of commercial fishermen/lobstermen and women. They work long, hard days out on the water, pushing their minds and bodies to the limit to bring delicious seafood to our tables.

Photo courtesy of Chris Scott

This race may take me as long as a single working day on the water, 12-16 hours, to complete. So, in a sense, I'm only running one shift of hundreds that a commercial fisherman puts in a year to bring fresh, delicious, wild-caught, sustainable food to our tables.

Please join me in donating to this way of life and the people who inhabit it.

You can donate here:

And please share this post!

From all of us at MCFA, thank you, Chris!



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