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Introducing MCFA's Updated Logo

Fourteen years ago, in the community of Port Clyde, a small group of fishermen came together and founded the Midcoast Fishermen's Association. The goal was simple: amplify the voices of Maine fishermen who weren't represented in local, regional, or federal fisheries policy, by coming together to advocate for the well-being of Maine fishing communities and the health of the Gulf of Maine marine resources. 

In 2012 we changed our name to the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association to better reflect all the communities we represent, and we have grown to a staff of four to ensure our voice is heard in more places, and on more issues, fighting for the future of Maine's working waterfront communities. While the founding principles that MCFA was built upon haven't changed, MCFA has done a lot of growing over the years. We aren't just a small group of fishermen any longer; we are a community of individuals from throughout Maine who care deeply about the future of our natural resources, our communities, and our way of life.  With that in mind, MCFA's Board of Directors felt it was time to do a little more growing. And so, we have updated our logo to better represent our community. There's room for everyone in our boat and MCFA wanted to ensure that our logo symbolically represented that inclusion.  Thank you for helping us grow and for working with MCFA to ensure that the future of our coast is filled with local seafood, vibrant working waterfronts, abundant marine resources, and holds a place for everyone working to make those goals a reality.  Together, we persevere. 

A special thank you to Karan Cushman and Cushman Creative for the continued support of MCFA and amazing work to make our logo one of the best logos out there.

In 2018, our previous logo won an honorable mention award from Hermes Creative Awards!

Do you love our new logo?

If so, check out our online shop for some of our new merch featuring our new logo.



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