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Working Waterfront
Inventory Template

A tool for municipal planning and preservation of the working waterfront

COMING SOON (February 2023)

Coastal gentrification in Maine has intensified in the last few years due to COVID, an influx of out-of-state home buyers, and lifestyle changes that are drawing families to Maine's quintessential coastal communities. This has increased pressure on the working waterfront at a faster pace than many towns can keep up with, adapt to, and plan for.


In order to preserve the working waterfront and the industries it supports, especially commercial fishing, towns need to know what they have for working waterfront infrastructure in their community.


To address this, MCFA is working with Tidal Bay Consulting to develop a working waterfront inventory template. Completing this inventory will aid in towns' efforts to support municipal planning and to prioritize policies and funding for projects that preserve a resilient working waterfront.

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