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The Fishermen's Shop

This short sleeve t-shirt was custom designed and screen printed by our pals at Loyal Citizen Clothing in Portland, ME. Perfect for on the boat or a night out. 


  • Men’s/Unisex
  • Fine Jersey
  • Made in USA
  • Designed and screen printed by hand in Maine


Sir Walter Scott’s quote is the perfect expression that fish are the lives of men. It can be easy to think of commercial fishing as a hard, dangerous, and demanding occupation. However, we don’t often think about the true cost of fish when purchasing seafood. It’s not just the monetary cost of the boat, fuel, bait, etc. - it’s also the time away from loved ones and the risk fishermen face each day on the water to bring the bounty of the ocean to our tables. So next time you are bargaining for the price of fish, remember that it’s no fish ye’re buying – it’s men's lives.  


All proceeds from this sale support MCFA mission and programs to restore the fisheries of the Gulf of Maine and sustain Maine's fishing communities for future generations. Learn more at our work at


“that my man and my sons are to gae to the sea in weather like yestreen and the day—sic a sea as it’s yet outby—and get naething for their fish, and be misca’d into the bargain, Monkbarns? It’s no fish ye’re buying—it’s men’s lives.”

It's No Fish Ye're Buyin' Tee

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