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Smoked Maine Pollock Dip

dipping into new flavors

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A delicious way to support Maine fishermen

The Scoop on the Smoked Maine Pollock Dip
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We're excited to announce a new partnership with Scarborough-based business Dunstan Smokehouse Co. on a delicious smoked Maine pollock dip. The dip is produced with sustainably harvested Gulf of Maine pollock that is smoked in-house at Dunstan Smokehouse and mixed with cream cheese, mayonnaise, shallot, lemon, and dill. Proceeds from the dip benefit MCFA and support our efforts to create new markets for local seafood. Dunstan Smokehouse is a branch of family owned and operated Pine Tree Seafood, also in Scarborough.

What is pollock?

Gulf of Maine pollock is a sustainably managed and harvested groundfish. Adult pollock live offshore near the ocean floor and are harvested using trawl nets, gillnets, and hook and line.

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Find Dip
Now available for purchase at the following locations:

Now Serving

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Pine Tree Seafood & Produce Co.

Scarborough, ME

Hallowell Seafood

Hallowell, ME

Luke's Lobster

Portland, ME

SoPo Seafood

South Portland, ME

Fresh Catch Market

Trenton, ME

Scratch Baking Co.

South Portland, ME

Morning Glory Natural Foods

Brunswick, ME

South Freeport Village Market

South Freeport, ME

The Lobster Company

Arundel, ME

Freeport Oyster Bar

Freeport, ME

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