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The MCFA Holiday Gift Guide is here!

Looking for a gift for the fish-lover in your life? Scroll through our first-ever holiday gift guide for inspiration.

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association T-shirt from Loyal Citizen Clothing

For every one of these t-shirts you buy, Loyal Citizen gives $10 to the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association. The design was hand-drawn by Portland artist Emma Wolfsohn.

Maine Lobstermen’s Association apparel

Like MCFA, the MLA works hard to support fishermen and their communities. Their mission states that “the Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) advocates for a sustainable lobster resource and the fishermen and communities that depend on it.” Check out their website to learn more.

Print by Kathleen Fox

Kathleen creates amazing prints of Maine fishing boats. You can order one of her existing prints of a beautiful boat from your community or commission a painting of a new boat.

Alaska Salmon Sisters apparel

Anything from this company would make a fantastic gift, but we particularly love this halibut baseball tee. Bonus? It’s currently on sale.

Salt in their Veins: Conversations with Coastal Mainers by Charles Wing

A great book by a Mainer about Mainers living and working along the coast. We especially love it because it features a few family members of some MCFA fishermen.

Subscription to National Fisherman magazine

Help the fisherman in your life stay informed. Even if you don’t go fishing often, it’s important to stay up-to-date about what’s happening on the water and in our fisheries.

Wooden Screen Door from Wooden Screen Door Co.

We particularly love the doors decorated with sea creatures, but each of these doors would make a beautiful addition to anyone's home.

Caught: Time. Place. Fish. By Glen Libby

We're proud to present this book by founding MCFA fisherman Glen Libby. "A collaboration between fisherman Glen Libby and photographer Antonia Small, Caught is an account of the beauty, fragility and profound change that characterizes fishing, fishing families, and the communities who depend on them in the twenty-first century."

Any of these very pretty fish prints from Charting Nature

We love the cod, Bluefin tuna, sculpin, and the flounders… there are so many to choose from!

Finally, and shamelessly...

A Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association membership

Sign a loved one up with a small donation! They will receive our newsletter, get seafood sale notices, and be the first to know about our events. Your gift will help MCFA and our fishermen continue to work on important issues impacting the Gulf of Maine and our fishing communities.

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