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Fishermen Wellness: Quad Rock 50 Update

Quad Rock 50 - On The Run

You can see the first post in this installment about the Quad Rock 50 HERE.

I got to the starting line in the dark morning hour of 4 am. A camper van was playing classic rock, the only noise. The stars glistened overhead. I ate two apples and chugged some water. I watched the number of runners grow as they arrived slowly over the course of the next hour and a half as the sun rose. Many of them were familiar with each other, fellow ultra runners. They looked comfortable, happy to be there.

Photo Chris Scott

It made the first-timers stand out. Myself included. Some had traveled great distances. A young woman finishing college I spoke to had driven from Circle Pines, MN the day before. An ex-horse jockey from South Dakota drove there as well. I’m sure there were others, from further. The Quad Rock 50 is a UTMB 100k Qualifying race. Which is, in the ultra running world, is kind of a big deal.

As many people have said to me, “You chose a tough race for your first 50.”

Then, at 5:30 am, 167 of us ran under the starting arch.

I ate Clif Bar gummies and electrolyte tablets to stay fueled. At each station, I guzzled two cups of pickle juice and drank a full bottle of water. It was hot. Temps got over 80 degrees.

There was a jovial volunteer with sunburned leather skin at one of the aid stations dunking a sponge into a bucket of water and soaking runners with it to fight the overheating. I told him I loved him. I ran by feel. Pushed the pace a little. Made the turnaround at mile 25 feeling great.

I was in 51st place.

Then I went right back at it, straight up for 7.3 miles.

At mile 32.3 the downhills were hurting brutally. At mile 35.7 everyone I’d passed caught up. The last 14.3 miles were an all-out grind that took 4 1/2 hours to complete. 20 people passed me.

Then, at 7:12 pm, 13 hours and 40 minutes later, with swollen hobbit feet, rocks in my shoes, and a stinging sunburn, I crossed the finish line with 20 minutes to spare.

It turns out YOU CAN run an ultra with only a month to train between commercial fishing trips. Thank you for all of your donations to the MCFA. And thank you for your support. We did it.


A thank you from Chris: Two weeks ago was the announcement for the “Quad Rockin’ for Waterfronts & Wellness” fundraiser. In that short window, we’ve pooled together over $1,300 in support of MCFA.

I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s contribution. What the money represents is the most important thing — the support of the commercial fishermen and women of Maine.

Through the MCFA, I know that our donations will go to help rebuild waterfronts on the coast, educate fishermen and women on health and wellness and fund the fight that is threatening their way of life.


I want to take a minute for everyone, especially the fishermen and women who might be reading and share a small picture of the walks of life that came from around the country to pool their resources together to make this fundraiser a success.

Our contributors hailed not only from Maine. They hailed from Washington State. Maryland. Massachusetts. Vermont. New Hampshire. California. Colorado. Michigan & more.

From the pockets of chefs, musicians, doctors, lawyers, photographers, athletes, teachers & others.

Such widespread and varied backgrounds of individuals all came together to give their support to the lifestyle and community of the Maine Coast Fishermen and Women.

It’s a beautiful thing.

The link to the GoFundMe will remain in my bio (@filipinosteel) until it expires, feel free to keep showing love.

Waterfronts, Wellness, and the world of people in each of your own corners of the country that helped show your love and support.

This is for ya’ll.


Together, we persevere.



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