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Gentrification and Maine's Fishing Communities

On May 3rd, 2021, NOAA Fisheries Science Center released a story map titled the "Social Indicators of Gentrification Pressure" which explores how gentrification is affecting 29 fishing communities in the Northeast United States. Eight different Maine communities were highlighted in this work so we invited Matthew Cutler, PhD or Rose Jimenez, MA, MPhil to join us for a Podcast about the story map. (View the Story Map Here LINK)

"Gentrification takes different forms in different places. Desirable natural amenities like scenic land and seascapes make coastal communities vulnerable to gentrifying in-migration. These new residential populations bring demographic shifts and economic transformations."

List of communities in the story map and the threat of gentrification according to their metrics.

The communities chosen for this map are the communities with high commercial engagement in fisheries. Commercial fishing engagement is a measurement based on the number of permits, number of dealers, and amount of fish caught in that port or area. Each of these communities has a unique relationship to the pressures of gentrification. "

The authors selected fishing communities in the Northeast region with “high” fishing engagement scores between 2009–2018.

For each year in each community, a score was created, (ranging from 1 to 4) for the three gentrification pressure indices: retiree migration, urban sprawl, and housing disruption.

An overall gentrification score (out of 12) for each community was established by combining the three gentrification pressure factors.



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