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MCFA Cookbook Update (& Exciting News)

This past spring, which seems both many moons ago as well as like it was yesterday, Rebecca Spear and I began work to put together a local seafood cookbook that would celebrate the iconic fishing heritage in Maine, highlight all of the species from the Gulf of Maine, and benefit the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association.

We have gotten a tremendous response.

And we have also found ourselves a bit overwhelmed about the amount of work necessary to make this cookbook everything we want it to be and that truly exemplifies both the fishing communities in Maine and the great work of MCFA.

We are still doing the cookbook but we have pushed the publishing date to the 2021 holidays.

But we have good news!

We are putting together a calendar for this coming year and it will be ready this holiday season.

And the good news just keeps getting better...

We have grown our team to include a food stylist and photographer. Stacey Stolman and Mark Rockwood (bios below) will be working with us to make both the calendar and cookbook the absolute best they can be. We are so excited that Stacey reached out because while we want the cookbook to be a nod to the traditional fishermen's wives spiral-bound cookbook of years past, even more so we want it to be updated, beautiful, and classic.

Sure, we could have finished the cookbook up by this Christmas by working more than we already did this summer and "just getting it done," but that's not what we wanted to do. The pandemic, while wreaking havoc on all of us, has also shown us all that we can probably slow down, do better, and even challenge the way things have been done in the past.

So, I hope you might join us in this adventure.

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  • Read Stacey and Mark's bios below and be sure to find them online!

  • Keep sending us recipes!

  • We are also interested in growing our team! If you're interested in sponsoring, organizing, or contributing in any way, please reach out! (

Thank you so much for your continued support, for eating Maine seafood, and for helping us restore the fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and sustain Maine's fishing communities for future generations.

Together, we persevere.

You can also check us out in Edible Maine!

Stacey Stolman

Stacey Stolman is an accomplished culinary educator, cookbook developer, and food stylist based in both South Florida and Southern Maine.

She earned her Bachelor of Science from Boston University with a degree in Mass Communication and a degree in Culinary Arts from The Culinary Institute of America. Her career began in New York City and over the past 20 years has developed projects nationally. Her food styling and recipe development clients include Kraft, Campbell's Soup Company, Lipton, Gibbs Smith Publishing House, The Seminole Casino, and Garden of Life.

Cookbook project includes "Confessions of a Serial Entertainer", “Passion for Parties”, “Jewish Holiday Style” and “The 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan.” In 2002, Ms. Stolman established a cooking school for children which continues to teach young aspiring chefs. In 2015 she earned her certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell and now provides nutrition coaching to individuals and organizations.

Instagram: @staceystolman

Tel. 561-676-8716

Mark Rockwood

Mark Rockwood is a commercial photographer with four decades of history producing high-end product photographs for advertising, catalogs, and B to B manufacturers. Having a Bachelor of Science and Master of Fine Arts degrees in photography he brings a deep collection of tools for visual creation. With Southern Maine becoming a national food Meca, the opportunity to shoot more and more beautiful food images is the most exciting development of the past 10 years.

Instagram @markrockwood

Tel. 207-232-1310



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