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Storm Recovery: Industry Survey

The Maine Coast Fishermen's Association (MCFA), Maine Lobstermen's Association (MLA),  Maine Marine Trades Association (MMTA), New England Fishermen's Stewardship Association (NEFSA), Maine Lobstermen's Community Alliance (MLCA), and Maine Lobstermen's Union (MLU) are surveying commercial fishing and other marine industries to understand what materials and services are required to begin to rebuild the working waterfront. The goal is to identify solutions to help lower the barriers to accessing these goods and services and identify available resources. If you have questions or would like to provide more information, please reach out to (fisheries) or (marine industries).

You can find a link to the survey HERE.

Please fill out this survey by February 5, 2024.

Following the storms on January 10th and 13th, businesses within the commercial fishing and marine industries, reliant on waterfront operations, are grappling with comprehending the extent of the incurred damage. We are now strategizing on cleanup efforts, formulating plans for reconstruction, and identifying potential obstacles that may impede the recovery process.

We are currently working to get a better understanding of crucial aspects, such as retrieving pilings from the water, expediting permit requirements, identifying essential services like engineers and assessors, determining necessary resources like marine-grade lumber and pilings, and securing access to funding to alleviate the financial challenges associated with the rebuilding process.

The above linked survey will help us better understand how best industry associations and organizations can better serve our constituents. We have been discussing things like coordinated clean up efforts, bulk purchasing, and working with other industries to access required services.

To provide a space for people to donate, we have set up a Working Waterfront Support Fund that will be utilized to provide resources and support to fishing businesses and working waterfronts that suffered damages due to the storms. By leveraging insights gathered from the survey and collaborating with other industry organizations, we will gain a clearer understanding of the best ways to utilize these funds in support of the working waterfront.

Together, we persevere.

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