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We missed you on Saturday

Saturday, August 1, should have been the Maine Coast Fishermen's Annual summer event on Bailey Island, Hook, Line & Dinner. Every summer for the past three years, we have celebrated Maine's fishermen and their communities at Cook's Lobster and Ale House, eaten fresh Maine seafood, listened to some amazing bands, and enjoyed gorgeous sunsets. But not this year. Because pandemic.

Instead, we have all been spending time close to home and on Zoom calls.

But the work of the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association is more important than ever because we are fighting to protect a way of life and advocate for Maine's fishermen.

If you were planning on attending Hook, Line, and Dinner, or if you have attended in the past, please donate to the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association so we can continue our work to sustain Maine's fishing communities for future generations.

Thank you for donating.

Together, we persevere.

Here's a brief overview of what your donation has helped MCFA accomplish over the last six months. 

  • Financial Support for Fishermen: MCFA hosted online training sessions and recruited loan officers and accountants to help fishermen apply for federal financial relief. As a result, more individual fishermen got Paycheck Protection Program loans than any other Maine industry.

  • Local Food: Created an online database on our website and help manage multiple Facebook pages, including the Maine Fish Direct page, with almost 9,000 members, to connect local consumers with local seafood. 

  • Reducing Fishing Costs: MCFA worked with the Maine Coast Community Sector to subsidize the cost of operations so that the sector could cut fees by 50% to help fishermen financially though this crisis. Learn more about the Sector here.

  • Advocacy: MCFA has been advocating for fishermen relief and support in Washington D.C., is pushing for regional management plans that support Maine's fishermen and the marine ecosystem and is working with local officials to create a path to the other side of COVID that supports working waterfronts.

  • Mental Health and Wellness: MCFA has also been working with NAMI Maine to build a mental health and wellness program to support fishermen through these uncertain times. 



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